I’m a cross-disciplinary artist from Turkey.  I’ve spent my life pursuing creative expression, exploring various artistic disciplines and platforms. After immigrating to BC with my family in 1998, I dove into the performing arts, and was “discovered” at 16 years old through my dance studies, which took me on over a decade long journey as a professional dance choreographer and teacher. I spent my young professional life in dance while recreationally continuing to work with my hands painting, crafting, and inventing.

It wasn't until I moved to Ontario and became a mother that I re-committed to pursuing my passion in painting. I refined my skills at George Brown College and moved to Owen Sound with my little family in 2016. The natural beauty of the surroundings and the artistic spirit of the community have allowed me to draw clarity, insight, and inspiration for my paintings. 

When I’m not painting, I can be found crafting and innovating for my company called Craftitch, through which I design and sell wearable/decorative arts.

I hope you enjoy my work!



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